The Truth About New Calvinism

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Its History, Doctrine, and Character

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“Mr. Dohse has written an excellent expose of New Calvinism. The many catch phrases and terminology that they would use were confusing to me. “Why do some Calvinist love the law, and others don’t?” “Why am I called a legalist when I am only obeying the Word of God in 1 John that states that if I am abiding in Him, I ought to walk the way He walked!?” They are so tricky!! I kept trying to understand what I couldn’t put a finger on. I thank God for Paul. He is a true servant of God. He unravels the “mess” and the explains the gobbly-gook! I had so many “aha!” moments reading his book. I love the way Paul uses their own quotes and points to their origin! It’s a shocker! [I won’t tell you, you have to buy the book ;)] The Truth about New Calvinism is scholarly, easy to read, and even has a little humor in it! I no longer feel confused and foolish. These men and their teachings are DANGEROUS. They are antinomians plain and simple. I am enjoying reading the Bible with the understanding that I can obey God and please Him because I am a new creation, and I am thankful that when I sin, I have an Advocate. Justification is monergistic, and sanctification is synergistic period. Thank you Paul for your hard work and research! The Word of God is no longer being blunted for me by these New Calvinist!’ ~Amazon Customer Review 

“The Truth About New Calvinism: Paul Dohse’s book makes a strong case against New Calvinism and the danger it is posing orthodox Christianity and infecting at a rapid rate. Not only sound teaching, but theologically strong and convicting.” ~DJ O’Flaherty, UK author:  A Puritan At Heart .com

“A book is one thing, but a book that warns the Church of a major threat, names names of those who are the primary purveyors of heresy of our day, well, that’s even better.”

“….these things are not the truths of Scripture. But this book, at least, begins to deal with these issues, clarify them and expose the darkness of its teachings. More importantly, it tells you the history, character and doctrines of this movement known as ‘new Calvinism’. And this is only ‘volume 1’! I pray there is much more exposure to this modern-day heresy.” ~Pastor/Teacher Joel Taylor, 5Point Salt blog

“I spent the better part of a week, day and night, trying to disprove Paul’s thesis.  I have to agree with him at this point and turned up some more corroborating evidence that he didn’t even know about at the time.   The element of his observations that most impressed me was how greater understanding of the teachings of Goldsworthy has helped me understand why most of these New Calvinists don’t seem to make any practical sense to me.”

“Paul Dohse explores this topic in greater depth on his blog and in his book which I encouraged people to seek out for more information.” ~Cynthia Mullen Kunsman, RN, BSN, MMin , ND; Under Much Grace blog.

“….the book is well written, easy to read, and provides interesting information about the history of Jon Zen’s association with Brinsmead, Westminster Seminary etc.” ~Randy Seiver, Th.M, Westminster Seminary.

Written by Paul M. Dohse Sr.

October 8, 2011 at 7:20 pm